For me it's photography and video, for you it might be something totally different but we've all been there at some point in our life. You feel on top of the world for so long, feeling like that fire that you had when you first started out would last forever... Until one day it starts fading. Day by day it turns from a huge burning fire to a small ember. You might even WANT to feel motivated but find that the feeling of being motivated constantly escapes your grasp.

Let me keep this short and sweet and give you a couple takeaways that will help you stay motivated for longer. Get ready to hear some weird analogies that help me understand motivation and passion.


1. Be Self Aware

Recognise that you are feeling unmotivated. It's such a powerful place to start, if you are aware it means you can make change faster.


2. Don't Let Your Feelings Dictate Your Actions

Be in control of your emotions. Feelings change like the clouds in the sky. You might wake up feeling like crap but end your day feeling like an absolute beast. It's important to do stuff even if you don't feel like it. As long as you're moving forward it doesn't matter how small those steps are.


3. All it Takes For an Ember to Become a Burning Fire is Oxygen and Some Wood

Just like a fire, you need fuel to keep that ember alive. Imagine you are the fire and you've dwindled down to embers, there is potential for it become a raging fire again. Despite this, you can't expect to reverse the state you're in immediately. You need to blow softly onto the fire until a flame emerges before you add any logs, but you'll realise that just like a fire, once you start feeding into your own passions again it can turn from a small flame into a raging fire in no time - fire spreads quickly.


4. Set Goals & Challenges and Stick to Them

And finally, it's important to set goals as well as challenges. Not those vague 'I want to be better this year' kinda goals, but instead CLEARLY defined goals that will help you stay on track to achieving your dreams and that will force you to stay fuelled. Don't set goals that will overwhelm you and give you anxiety to do just thinking about them, this will in turn put you off even further. In saying this though you also need to push yourself, don't stay comfortable, as soon as you are comfortable with your challenges and goals, make it more difficult.

For some examples, these are some of the goals that I've set for myself:

- I must post once a week to my blog

- I must post once a week to YouTube

- I must post everyday on Instagram

These are a minimum, after I've done this I have achieved my goals for the week. This doesn't mean you can't do more if you feel like it, but keep your goals and challenges as a benchmark for you to move up from.


Let me finish this blog by saying that I'm actually writing to myself right now as well. This week I've been super busy with work that I have no interest in (sometimes you gotta do stuff you don't want to do) and struggled to work on my own passions and goals. It's led me to feeling unmotivated and with every bone in my body wanting to sit in bed watching Netflix - which I refuse to do...

Time waits for no man.


 Ya boy

Ya boy


Until next week, stay safe but not too safe



Levi Looke