Good morning and happy Monday!

I asked everyone over my Instagram a couple of weeks ago if they had any questions for me to answer so I've decided that this blog will be dedicated to answering those questions. I'll try and keep it as short and sweet as possible for you! Leggo.



How do you upload high quality images from your computer to Instagram? - @daynaalish_

The main reason why photos look crappy when you export them from your phone to Instagram is because of compression. There are several ways to get around this: Airdrop (on iPhone), Lightroom Mobile (what I use), Dropbox and Email. To send photos to clients I use Dropbox because it doesn't compress the images at all, and for personal stuff I use Lightroom Mobile.


What is the best way to get a good quality shot on a simple phone/camera - horrorunleashed

One of the most important things I've learnt since picking up a camera is that it's not always about the equipment that you have - even a $5000 camera can take crappy images. My answer is lighting. With the right lighting even the cheapest camera or an iPhone can take amazing images. You'll be shocked how much lighting makes a difference. Go outside and take a photo at sunset or sunrise with your iPhone and see what you get to capture.


What's a good starting camera? What lens is good take nature/landscape shots? - @dvyn121

I will stand by my own first camera, a Canon 700d. It did everything I needed for a long time and more and it is really reasonably priced. You can buy one here for roughly $500 including 2 lenses. To take great landscape/nature shots you will definitely need a wide angle lens. Any lens under 35mm will be a good lens to use for landscapes.


What editing program should you use? - @elly_graace

I started off using a program called Filmora which was so easy and simple to use and recommend that if you're just starting out and want to pump out some quick videos. After about a year of using that I decided to step up my editing game and start using Adobe Premiere Pro. Although Premiere Pro takes some time to learn it's is actually easier than what I thought it'd be. I've been using it for well over a year now and I still see myself as a rookie, I learn new things about it almost every time I edit a new video. YouTube will be your best friend to learn how to use it.


How do you take photos of lightning? - @amy.schipper

Lightning can be tricky to shoot and requires some luck as to where the lighting may strike but here's my 20 second version of shooting lightning. Note: you'll need a tripod.

1. Aim your camera in the general direction of the lighting

2. Open up your shutter to at least 10 seconds (requires some experimenting depending on lighting conditions)

3. Click the shutter

4. Hope lighting strikes within the time your shutter is open.


What are some must have travel equipment? - @tahneemgrath 

Every time I go travelling I have to bring: a GoPro, a powerbank, a laptop to edit all my photos and videos, a notebook to write stuff down that inspires me on my travel and headphones for the flights.


What do you use to edit your photos for Instagram? - @meg_hewitt

I use the mobile version of Adobe Lightroom - Lightroom Mobile. I love this app and it does almost everything that the desktop version can do. There is a free version as well as a paid version which backs up every photo you have ever taken on the cloud. I edit ALL of my photos using this program.


For now, that is all, I hope this helped answer some questions you might have! If you have any other questions I'd love to hear about them in the comments and I'll make a part two of this post.


Until next Monday, stay safe but not too safe,


Levi Looke