The infamous Sunflower Fields, super elusive and only around for 3 months of the year before they disappear until December again. I got back from Canada and felt the need to explore some of what Australia has to offer, so we got the crew together and made the trip. I visited the sunflower fields on Saturday the 10th of February not knowing if we'd even find any this late into the season.

(If you wanna skip the writing and get straight to the where, when, how then scroll down).

For those who don't know, Allora is usually the haven for endless fields of the yellow flower, but this time around there was not a single one to be seen. We heard rumours of flowers appearing past Toowoomba at a place called Nobby so we decided to head here instead. 




The Sunflowers bloom during the Australian Summer and can range from late November until late February. Don't leave it too late into the season though because by the end of February a lot of the fields have either been farmed or the flowers are wilting.


The best spots for the Sunflower fields are Allora or Nobby which are two small towns past Toowoomba. For me the best time to see the sunflowers are at sunset as there aren't too many people there and the lighting is amazing. The closest place to get a decent me is in Toowoomba so after you check out the fields and the sun goes down you can always head to Toowoomba for a pit stop on your way home.

From Brisbane CBD it takes roughly two hours to get to either Allora or Nobby and an hour and 45 minutes to Toowoomba.

As of writing this blog I've only visited the sunflower fields at Nobby in 2018, the road we took to get to where all of the fields were was called 'Nobby Connection Road'. After you reach this road you might have to do a bit of exploring to get to the fields as there were some unnamed dirt roads in between, but the fields are really easy to spot and there are generally parked cars along the edges of the fields you can also look out for.


The Sunflower fields are a must during the Australian Summer and I highly recommend it if you get the chance before the Sunflowers disappear for another year.

Until my next post, stay safe but not too safe.