Hello and good morning or good night depending on wherever you are in the world! This last month has been absolutely incredible. I've spent the last four weeks over in Canada and one week over in Whitefish, Montana. It's hard for me to put this trip into words, every time somebody asks me my favourite moment I just can't answer that question. Instead I've decided to compile some epic Canadian Instagram spots that stood out to me while I was over in this great country.

For me, a huge aspect of capturing a great photo comes down to taking it in places that isn't visited by every man and his dog. I don't want to capture what's been seen a million times before. I think this is important when taking photos because in a world where millions of photos are being uploaded to Instagram every day you really need to capture 'different' in order to be noticed.

Here is my list of Epic Canadian Instagram Spots:

Vancouver - Stanley Park

Out first stop was in Vancouver where I saw snow falling from the sky for the first time ever! It was an incredible experience and one I won't soon forget. On this same day we decided to make the most of it and head out to Stanley Park, an iconic park in Vancouver. We were extremely lucky in that the park was basically deserted when we visited while it was snowing. Although this place can get quite busy, having roughly 8 million visitors per year, it's that big (it's actually bigger than Central Park in New York) that you can easily get lost amongst the many paths and hidden forests which really helps when you want to capture an amazing shot.




Calgary - Fish Creek Park

In total we spent 10 day in Calgary. I'm going to be totally honest that out of all of the amazing places we got to visit in Canada, Calgary would have to have been my least favourite. Despite this it was still so incredible seeing what the city had to offer. One of the highlights of this destination was Fish Creek Park. It Is 3 times the size of Vancouver's Stanley Park and just an incredible sight to behold. We wandered through the tree's and were swept away by the beauty of the snow covered landscape, we stayed for as long as possible before the cold became too much to handle (it was -29 on this day). The spot that I recommend for some great Instagram photos is close to the river that runs directly through the park. Not only this but there are many small birds there that will happily land on you if you have some seed for them.




Canmore - Bow River Trail

I was contacted by somebody on Instagram who said that they'd love to show us around their neighbourhood and drive us to Canmore. Of course I said yes and the next day we drove with her to Canmore where we walked the Bow River Trail. This trail is super easy and loops right through Canmore itself which is great, especially on the freezing day we were there when we needed a nice coffee to warm up afterwards. All along the trail are spots you can stop off to take an incredible photo. There are also some hidden paths that will take you off the path and amongst the pine trees where you can take more beautiful photos. With mountain ranges visible on all sides of Canmore It's really not that hard to take a photo that will blow people away. 




Banff - Sulphur Mountain

I'm gunna preface this by saying that this was the coldest day of my life. It hit -40 celcius (which is actually -40 in Fahrenheit aswell). It was very, very cold and to be able to come to this mountain you should definitely be properly prepared for the elements. Not only this but the cold was so extreme that 3 of my camera's stopped working. Another fact is that on this day it was colder on this mountain than it was on the surface of Mars. Despite the cold, Sulphur Mountain blew me away, you could see Banff from the peak as well as the mountain ranges that surrounded it. It was just incredible. Because of the extreme cold, it actually wasn't too packed and I was able to take some really great photos from up here. I HIGHLY recommend coming up here if you're able to. It's beauty like no other.




Vancouver - Golden Ears Provincial Park

To end our trip over in the beautiful country of Canada we made our way back to Vancouver we met up incredible photographer by the name of Lizzy Gadd (@elizabethgadd) who kindly allowed us to stay with her for 10 days and show us around the place she gets to called home. She is blessed enough to be able to live 15 minutes from Golden Ears Provincial Park, a place that literally looks like it outs of a fairy tale. Within the park there's so much to see and do, from waterfalls, to rivers and lakes as well as endless hiking tracks that will lead you to the peaks of the many mountains that surround Golden Ears. I don't want to give you a specific place to visit in Golden Ears because honestly, the entire Provincial Park is one huge Instagram paradise.



I hope you got something out of this! And if you ever go to Canada and get a chance to visit any of these places please let me know and I'd love to check out what you capture! 

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