This is so strange, I never thought I'd start this post by saying I don't miss home at all. But coming back home has enabled me to look back at my time in Spain and realise that there are a few things that makes life a WHOLE lot easier while you travel overseas. I decided to make this list short and only list the things that I truly benefited from and used on a near daily basis.

Before I begin I would just like to also say that not only will I be posting this as a blog post but I will also be making a YouTube video (I haven't even sat down and begun filming it yet). I also want to preface this by saying that these 3 items are subjective to every person, someone might say, 'this list is awesome! Why didn't I think of this?!' while others might say, 'Wtf? What useless items.'

I will also list where you can purchase the products that I use if any of you decide you'd like to!


1. The Headphone

I need to say right now, if I didn't have music to escape from the 15 hour plane flights, the day layover's in Singapore and bus rides that felt like they lasted a life time I would have lost my mind. As though it was God ordained, I actually received some headphones from the guys over at Urbanz. There are 3 things I look for in a headphone: portability, durability, and of course... What everyone actually cares about: price. These headphones seemed to tick all of these boxes for me so for £29.99 you can't go wrong! I'm sorry if it's coming off as a huge marketing spiel but it's honestly not, I'm actually listening to music with them as I write this. So in short, headphones. You don't want to leave without them.

You can buy a set of these headphones HERE

2. The Portable Charger

The amount of times I almost ran out of charge on my phone and cameras in particular was insane. I went over to Spain with the idea in mind that I would get next to no use out of my portable charger. Let's be real for a second: I'm a photographer and videographer who has left Australia for the first time in my entire life. With this in mind, I feel like it goes without saying that I was completely wrong.

The portable charger saved my life on many occasions, from being out of home on a 5 hour hike, to being stuck in an airport where every man and his dog is trying to use an electrical socket there was not a moment where I didn't need battery charge. As I was doing my research on what charger to buy there were two things in mind: price and quality. After days of searching I decided to go for a brand called AUKEY. There are two reasons why I chose this charger in particular: The quality and durability is insane, you could drop the thing of a two story building and it would leave with little more than a scratch (I'm not going to test this theory). The second reason is because it can charge your phone up to 7 times over to full charge... 7 times! That's not needing a wall charger for an entire week and this blows my mind. You honestly need one, and even more so if you are into the whole photography game... Which everybody seems to be into these days.

You can buy the exact same AUKEY product I use on my travels HERE


3. The Camera

You don't seriously expect me to not include a camera do you? There's only one way to relive the past and that's through the use of a camera. It's no lie, camera's are expensive things and not many people are willing to fork out a few g's to get a top of the line camera. Lucky for you I've found one that is both cheap and is great quality. This is also the camera I use for all of the vlogging I post onto my YouTube channel. This little beast: the Sony WX500 can double as both a video camera and photography camera, it's perfect for the every day user and with it's flip LCD screen it makes for the perfect vlogging camera (or selfie taker, whatever you prefer). 

You can get yours HERE


There you have it guys, my short and sweet list of the things you and I can't go travelling without... And it's not a 'clickbait' title, I these things actually made my life so much easier overseas and I'm confident they will for you to. As always safe travels, seize the day. Go.