I've grown up in Brisbane all my life and you'd think that after all of these years I would have run out of things to do but this is definitely not the case. Last weekend (as of writing this blog post) I was given the opportunity to go abseiling with Experience Oz - Australasia's #1 website for all things to do in Australia and New Zealand including tours, attractions and activities and researching travel guides. We booked our tickets through their booking platform Ticketmates which made it super easy for us to organise it online. They were super friendly and helpful which made the whole booking process so much simpler as well.

Not only do the guys over at Experience Oz do abseiling, but they also have loads of other outdoor activities available. Personally the next one on my list will be a helicopter ride or hot air balloon ride, those look utterly surreal. 

I arrived with my brother at 8:30am and to be honest with you I wasn't nervous at all considering the fact I was about to go abseiling down the side of a 23 meter cliff in Kangaroo Point with nothing but a rope attached to me. I was kind enough to let my brother go first, it was when he cursed under his breathe as he approached the edge of the cliff that the nerves started to kick in.



It came to my own turn and I walked boldly out to the cliff where I looked over the edge and swore as well. It definitely looked a lot higher from the top of the cliff. Our instructor Matt was a legend who had 10 years of abseiling experience under his belt so I have to say, we were probably in the safest hands we could be. I lowered my self down the side of the cliff and was filled with adrenaline. I had to get out my GoPro and snap a picture of me about halfway down the cliff. It was honestly such an epic experience abseiling and being able to view Brisbane City in all its glory across the river.




I hope this has inspired you to go out and do something this weekend. It was such a pleasure to be able to do this with these guys. If you'd like to book your own outdoor experience head on over to Experience Oz for so many good times to be had.



Keep an eye out for a video I'll be putting together of my experience, can't wait to show you all. Thank you so much Experience Oz for being a supporter. As always, all opinions are my own.

Until next time, stay safe, but not too safe.