Welcome! If you have no idea who I am (which you probably don't) my name is Levi, I was born in the year of 1993 and I live in Brisbane, Australia (for now). I started photographing and videoing the world around me about two years ago. Since then I have slowly built up a small following and up until about 6 months ago I honestly didn't know it was possible to get any sort of sponsorship deals without having more than 50k followers on any sort of social media platform. I am here to tell you right now that I was wrong, there's this whole mindset that without followers companies find you worthless (to an extent this is true but we'll leave that for another blog post).

I hate long winded blogs so let's cut straight to the chase:

As of writing this blog post I have 2k followers on Instagram, 210 subscribers on YouTube and 79 likes on my Facebook page. I am by no means influential - at least in comparison to people like @Doyoutravel or @Gypsealust but it's not just the follower count that companies look at.

Yes, numbers do matter but what companies and people also find valuable is QUALITY and PERSISTANCE. This is powerful because you can leverage this to your advantage when it comes to working with companies that have any sort of audience of their own which in turn can grow your own audience, which in turn can help get you more sponsorships... It's an endless cycle. 

Quality and persistence is honestly key, it's so cliché but its so true. What you need to do is go the extra distance where nobody else is willing to go, it's about taking chances and failing and taking more chances and failing again. 

As of writing this blog post I have reached out to hundreds of companies and individuals in the travel industry alone. Out of these I have only received a handful of 'yes' and a whole bunch of 'no' or no responses. This is where persistence is so extremely important, you can't afford to give up after a hundred 'no' (which I guarantee will happen) because you WILL eventually get a yes - it's just inevitable.

I hope this helped at least one of you on your Monday morning blues. I'm not here to preach that 'I quit my job and now I travel the world with these 3 simple steps' crap that so many people seem to be spreading these days. There are no set it stone steps to take, you have to create your own opportunity and keep chipping away at your dreams yourself - It's not going to just fall on your lap overnight. This is something I also say to myself because I'd be lying if I said I didn't struggle with this sometimes.

Stay safe but not too safe,



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